February 8, 2010

I LOVE my vagina BUT ...

Woman Covering Her Mouth

Our sexual organs have long been taboo.

Believe it or not, being a child of the sixties did not encourage my parents to raise me in a liberated environment.

I learned about "pee-pees" and "wee-wees". As I grew older, "private parts" were the words of norm.

Lately however, as I raise my male teen, "VAGINA" is the word of the decade?!

Now, I have raised my little guy to be sexually responsible and educated. He is very familiar with correct terminology. I did not raise him to use fill-in words for our genitalia.

THAT does not mean I want to hear the words every time we turn on the television.

I innocently have had the tube on while cooking dinner, kiddo rolling around on the floor with the dog ... and the next thing we know the Kardashians are screaming "vagina"!

Maybe Oprah started it when she and Gale joked and poked around about "va-jay jays" or maybe it was before that with the Vagina Monologues, I am not quite sure.

Hey, I'm a girl, so, I love my little gal area just as much as the next. Yes, I want women to feel comfortable hearing and knowing their genitalia but it should be A) an equal exchange and B) a bit more quiet!

When I hear vagina, I should equally be hearing penis on all of these tv shows.

The comedic exploitation of women has just got to stop.

Last night, I was on the verge of calling CBS during Super Bowl XLIV.

Commercial after ad labeled ladies as "spine-snatching", brainless, boob barometers that are not worth wheels on a car! Women are the greatest detriment to man-kind according to BRIDGESTONE - eh Thanks bud, I buy tires too.

And this new fascination with the word for the female genitalia is bothersome, worrisome and needs to be reined in.

The shows that teens watch on Nickelodeon are always safe bets, but that mindless blather is not what an adult wants to catch regularly! Especially if that adult only watches 4 shows during the week.

Don't get me wrong, I adore ICarly and SPONGEBOB, but on weekends, if I flip on a series that I do not normally watch, do I really have to hear "vagina"?

All weekend, busy as I was, whenever the idiot box was on, I found myself whipping my head going, "Excuse me? Did he just say "vagina", "Did she just say "vagina"?


I blame the IPAD for unleashing this barrage of potty-mouthed fare, however, it is time to log it all back in.

Ease up on the feminine napkin commercials. ENOUGH of the "itch" and "douche" already.

Where are the jock-cup, jock-itch, jock-strap ads???? How about more HANES and inferences of the male down-below?

There is no need for us to lobby for liberation only to become salvage for the mindless writers who are having a lack of words.

Screen-writers beware! If I continue to hear "vagina" in every prime-time episode - you may receive a very unkind email from me! There are gonads for you to cover!

Be fair and throw the other anatomical verbiage in there for Pete's sake and my own!

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