February 1, 2010

Are You Prepared?

After I became a vegan, I signed up for USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)'s updates and warnings. Initially I wanted to be able to say to my meat-eating son, "See! I told ya so!". Unfortunately, and fortunately, it has served for much more than that.

The recalls for our meat products are something each and every one of us need to note on a daily basis, so here is the link. PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY: USDA CONSUMER NEWS

Yesterday, in our "Alerts" we were reminded to prepare against any instances that may render us without electricity or the ability to properly preserve our food items.

The tips were so right on that I simply had to bring them to attention. For instance, even residing here in Chicago, which is of course, a huge metropolis, we fall victim to power outages when weather is extreme. Granted, it has been at least a decade or more since I have lost power for more than 10 hours, but it happens.

After September 11th, I made EMERGENCY PACKS for my home, garage and car.

The items in the garage and car are non-perishable, and include things like a shovel, water, first aid kits, bags of healthy snacks, energy bars and such.

The one in my home has since either been consumed or otherwise used(dog).

Until receiving this alert, I think I fell into complacency which is very dangerous.

I have since restocked candles, matches, water, canned goods and the alternative cooking options such as gel canned heat. Here is a quick list that is VERY INFORMATIVE!

Tips of major importance include the fact that if you are healthy you should be able to sustain without half of your food intake. Keep hydrated as much as possible and avoid salty snacks as they tend to make you thirsty. Remaining vigilant to keep your water supply from contamination and staying warm and dry are essential.

It is also important to remember to place a huge supply of matches in a plastic container to keep them dry!

Finally, if you live in Illinois, we also have a wonderful site to keep you in the know. CLICK HERE FOR READY ILLINOIS

We here in Illinois often forget we are on a MAJOR FAULT LINE called the New Madrid Fault Line.

Being jolted out of bed is never fun, unless you asked for it! Just a few years ago, Chicagoans experienced a 5.2 earthquake that should keep us alert and mindful with our loved ones to always be prepared.

Go get ready!


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