December 28, 2009

Why are men dictating women's health?

these two do not have female organs that I am aware of - not that I want to know - not that I care - I don't want to be in their Doctor visits so why do they want to be in mine???


How is everyone after the busy Christmas Weekend??

Did everyone survive the madness?

Did anyone have a sane, quiet joyful day?

I am still reeling from the Health Care Reform Christmas Eve fiasco.

I am still wondering what this will do to Women's reproductive care.

Having extremists determine what I can and can't do with my own uterus is distressing.

It kind of overtook the joy of the holidays.

Men don't have vaginas and should not have a say on anything concerning reproductive health. They don't bear children. They are free to implant as many seeds wherever they want and expect women to listen to their politically charged jargon and their brain-washed spouses pleas about their beliefs on determining life.

The reality of it all is that people are going to do what they will. Human nature is such that many of those collared up old farts are extramarital heathens who are the very worse sinners of all but they want to shed light on other people's discretions.

Making reproductive health accessible, affordable and unhinged to radical religious bias is a right they we must uplift and enforce.

Worrying about my gyne visit instead of how horribly our food chain is treated, or how undocumented drunk drivers are free to roam the streets after convictions and continue to drive is insane.

Christmas season was about good-will toward mankind - I guess women will remain voiceless and just shoved under the bus.

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