December 9, 2009

Taking it to the streets ~

How many packages can you pack into the new Chevy 2010 Traverse???

When my bum finally froze off and ran for the nearest Starbuck, at least 36 packages had been packed into the roomy and VERY cute Chevy's trunk!

Not bad!

Never formally a fan of American cars {PLEASE, no tomatoes PLEASE!} until I realized the impact on our economy, I am all for a packing, roomy vehicle, that can go and be green.

The gals from Chicagonista were invited to participate!

Knowing I am NO FAN of our winter, Chicago weather, I sucked in my gut and withstood the 25 degrees!

Chicagonista's editor MJ Tam, and new online personality, Nancy Loo asked me along to pack as much as we could. Chevy will donate for each media participant.

Our other contributing Chicagonista was an ELF! HEY KARYN!!!

The event benefited Chicago Bear Charles Tillman's Cornerstone Foundation.

Having recently undergone the tragedy of having an ill infant, who is now well, Tillman and his charity benefit critically ill children at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital & University of Chicago's Comer Children's Hospital.

What a great cause, a great day, great company and community working together for the good of one another!



Karyn said...

I'm so glad that I got to see you, ladies! P.S. I love that picture! The Internet will forever know me as an elf :-)

Houseonahillorg said...

What a wonderful day for a wonderful cause! {exquisite elf!}