December 8, 2009

Let It Snow!!!!

As a "Healthier, Happier" person, I really should not hate anything.

BUT, alas, I am human, and while I don't hate a lot - Gang bangers being treated as if they are not terrorists, drunk drivers & WINTER - there are a few things at the top of my list as things I HATE.

BUT that is not what I wish to speak about today!

As I sit here, snow-bound due to deplorable weather, I am not at all angered or upset, because I am reminiscing about the WONDERFUL time kiddo, kiddo's pal, and I had at this year's Navy Pier's Winter Wonderland.

Incredibly, kiddo and his pal, ate, perused and did not beg to leave (they are now teens)nor were we left without a thing to do!

We were inundated with fairies, Navy Pier Police Department (who gleefully handed out tickets - hmmm - sounds like another law enforcement agency I know) and other celestial extraterrestrials!

What a great time.

If you can, make the trip, a fun time will be had by ALL ~

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