December 2, 2009

Pundit, schmundit

I don't know much about politicking, and as I mature, I'm not so sure that those who are supposed to know, know much either. After listening to the President, the usual pundits were rallying all right, right up his backside in rebuttals.

What was once, Pres.O can "say anything" and it is right has catapulted to "if he says anything" it's wrong.

Hey, I was a Hillary supporter, BUT I support President Obama's decision to send in 30,000 troops. I swear we have short memories.

Those bombings in hotels? Hello? Al Quada is not done.

I too am tired of war and wish diplomacy was a better option. I believe that as we continue our goodwill missions, it will be more effective. BUT, to turn away now, I see as counterproductive.

I was inspired by President Obama's message that we have no intention of occupying or commandeering.

I am also happy that he speaks to the world not at it.

Some of President Obama's staunchest supporters have openly decried his policies as lies! OUTLANDISH.

I really wish some of them would run. I am so curious to see what their platform would be.

Respecting U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as much as I do, and those that we applauded as President Obama appointed them, and then to chastise their efforts seem so malicious.

Maybe I should not be so upset about the treatment, after all, that is what part-time pundits do, they sit, they listen and they pounce.

Sincerely, it is my wish that they are more active in our government. Hopefully they are employed by some think-tanks or maybe they teach. I'd like to see their agendas that go along with their punches.

Pack up, move to D.C. and get involved or give the guy a break.

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