November 28, 2009

Some of my "best,good," friends include you!!!!

This is a repeat mention, but so apropos a subject for me right now.

I have this affection for Forrest Gump that I share with so many of you, but as I sit here and watch it with my son for the umpteenth time, I have realized that each time, I love it even more.

I am 42 and my son is 13. "I've worn lots of shoes" tends to have a stronger connotation once you've traveled more and more miles.

Thinking of all the roads along the way, many of them with my buddy boy who is such a great travel companion, brings many smiles that made their way through much pain.

What makes a trip worthy is not so much where you go but the souls you meet along the way. A beautiful background is memorable, but I love that I have made wonderful company.

How about you guys? Has your journey been made more enjoyable by the lives who have touched you?

How have you managed to cross the busy highways of our existence?


Tom said...

when you sell cars for a living, life is like a box of chocolates .. every single day, you get a chance to meet at least a dozen or more new people, and the vast majority of them are very interesting people ..

Houseonahill said...

yep, and makes for excellent writing material!