December 6, 2009

GIVE to get!

No, seriously ...

I was driving "Kiddo" to his basketball game yesterday logging in my brain how this, the most financially challenging time for me since my divorce over 10 years ago, has also been quite the blessing.

While logging, I recalled in my mind that this is also one of the happiest and most productive years of my life!

How? WHY?

Because I GAVE.

Even when I didn't have, I gave. Even fearing losing all I had to layoffs and cutbacks, I made sure I gave in some way. Even now, living hand to mouth, I give.

I give knowing that what little I have is something, and to keep all pots filling up I must give back! We all must give back! Even if you have nothing, give someone with less a hug!

The blog world has opened up a space for SO many friendships, causes and needs. Through the internet needs have been made personal. People have become like family so you simply feel compelled, honored, responsible toward one another.

It is almost like hearing one voice.

My giving has far exceeded my giving at any other point in my life.

AND, this giving has not put me in a hole.

It has actually opened more doors and unveiled more opportunity.

Think about that ~ in opening my heart, and doing with an unselfish spirit, my world has been graced threefold.

I have added incredible, outstanding people to my network and have found happiness beyond measure.

I hope and pray that you have found and witnessed joy like this too!

If not, reach out and touch someone today - an ear, a rug, a plate of food, a jacket or a dollar ... a ride to their job/home/place of worship...

What a feeling to give without expectation and then be the one who receives the most from the exchange!

Stay blessed!!


Karyn said...

I'm currently reading "29 Gifts" by Cami Walker. It's a book written by a woman who gave gifts fr 29 days when she was feeling at her lowest during her ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis. It's all about how those days changed her outlook on life and her life was forever changed. I'm even starting my own challenge tomorrow, and my first gift is a copy of the book! I definitely recommend it!


Houseonahillorg said...

We must talk about this!!

I will, in the meantime, check it out ~