December 4, 2009

Eucerin to the rescue!

The weather has not yet been frightful {knock, knock, KNOCK} but it has been a tad dry.

Our summer was cool and wet, but fall and winter have been nicely mild.

I, for one, have not complained too horridly.

My skin has had its run-ins with dryness however.

THANKFULLY, I had Eucerin samples left over from the BLOGHER conference.

IT REALLY HAS WORKED GREAT - no compensation - just a great product that has taken my crustiness away. {AND THOSE OF MY SON, which is no easy feat.}

So just a "healthier,happier" tip if you are living in the dryer, colder climates and are looking for some relief!

It is fragrance free and very good for those who want pure as possible.


Tom said...


when we lived in Wisconsin, one of the most popular card games that people played was a game called Euchre:

the largely German area where I lived also liked a game called Sheepshead (seriously) as well as 500

Houseonahillorg said...

Tom, that sounds like a blog post! Very intense card game!