November 21, 2009

Delectable LUNA BARS!

Raving! I am just raving about LUNA BARS {no they are not paying me!}.

I have tried 4 flavors so far - 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber!

The bars are high in calcium and folic acid. Perfect for women who are on the go and need a quick pick-me-up snack that is healthy, filling and yummy.

LUNA is a sponsor of the BREAST CANCER FUND and as you can see, I just love them.

I happened upon a bar a week ago in the store while hungry beyond measure but my kid's basketball game was about to start.

It would have been a perfect commercial for them. Me sitting in the bleachers, finished greeting fellow parents, sneaking into my purse, breaking off a bite of Nutz Over Chocolate - OH MY!

Delicious! A BIG HUGE SMILE ~ I could not help but go "MMMMMM"!

It was hilarious.

My night ended with me taking myself out on the town to Whole Food - ALONE!

(Us moms never get a few seconds alone - it was a WELCOMED treat)

Whole Food carries every flavor imaginable. Chocolate Raspberry, Carmel Nut Brownie, Nutz of Chocolate,Lemon Zest...they even have Chai Tea!

Well, keeping in line with a "Healthier,Happier,You!!!!" requires me to remind you there are healthy, happy choices for us to make when we are on the go!

Stop in any convenience store, pick up a few and kiss those candy bars good bye!


Tom said...


I've never had them before (I usually eat Clif bars on my long bike rides) but I picked up a couple when I was at Trader Joe's yesterday, based on your recommendation

Houseonahill said...

Thanks for turning me onto chocolate candycane!