November 18, 2009

Hey, can Mom play?

Last week I attended an incredible event for Xbox360, MTV Games, LEGO and Warner Brothers Entertainment promoting their Beatles Rockband Game.

Held at the Tribune Towers, on a brisk but clear night in Chicago, there was fun and food and fantastical video game playing.

The children participated on-stage in bright-light setting. They rocked and rolled to Beatles songs which is one way to make a night thoroughly enjoyable.

Speaking with Stone Chin, Global Manager of Xbox PR, was truly delightful.

The passion that goes into these games and the follow through is extremely intricate.

It's not just wam-bam-money-in-the-hand.

As a parent who has spent thousands on games over the years, I feel so much better having met the teams behind the games. Genuine, thoughtful people who are animated as they are smart. Managing to keep our kids entertained with family-friendly footage is not easy, I'm sure.

The fact that this particular series of games supports Doctors Without Borders was icing on the cupcake.

Stone shared that the custom made, hand-painted Beatles console displayed at the event was one of 50. At a recent charitable auction, this beautiful work of art went for $17,300.00 on Ebay

What a night.

I told my kid, I may need to get my own controller!

Many thanks to MJ Tam, editor of who graciously included

Thanks to all and please support you favorite charity today-making a difference is what it is all about!

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