November 13, 2009

"I can feel it, calling in the air of night..."

"I've been waiting for this moment ALL my life, oh Lord" - Phil Collins (In the Air Tonight)

If any of you know anything about me, you know I LOVE President Bill Clinton.

There, I said it.

I LOVE him. I may have shared before, that once he, Hillary & Chelsea were leaving the White House, I wrote them a letter professing my thanks. I enjoyed having him as my President, and I was never ashamed.

The scandals were what they were. Whatever.

This last election, I supported Hillary because I am a woman. No way, no how would Stupak have been pulling his crap, but alas, I, as you know, worked my tail feathers off to get President Obama elected. But my love for Bill is nothing about any of that.

I enjoy him as a person. A human being. Watching his evolution to the icon he is today is fulfilling.

Politics aside, I thought his history was such that he could have easily been a statistic. ALL of THAT said, I saw my beloved President at a humanitarian event Wednesday night, here in Chicago.

I felt like I was at a rock concert at the House of Blues. Oh, hey, I was at a rock concert at the House of Blues!

Chicago's Millennium Network in conjunction with the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation held a fundraiser to support many of the causes that are important to so many of us.

It was a riveting evening. The crowd was energized and filled with Chicago dignitaries, politicians, socialites, and citizens for change.

There was great food, drinks, and I met some really neat and interesting people! (Hey Karen and Bonnie!)

The entertainment was Common, but he came out last. It was Bill's night! And boy did he deliver.

Once he came out on stage, of course the crowd erupted into cheers. Bill just has that way about him that makes everyone go insane.

He is as tall and handsome and debonair as he is pictured in the media.

He spoke of the works he has initiated with his foundation these past 5 years.

1.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS getting the medicines they need affordably.

40 cities reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

30,000 families being assisted in agricultural training to increase their incomes.

Identifiable and measured reductions in childhood obesity with Healthy Generation.

And actually the list goes on.

So yes, while my community shrank and shunned President Clinton during this past campaign, I was not as vocal about my love.

I felt so torn, fought a few battles with other bloggers, and even boycotted a few radio shows because I felt they crossed the line - really some folks memories are short, but that's all past news and the country has moved on.

The event is so timely because I feel re-energized to promote the needs of others.

It is essential that we all remain involved in the battles that hold some of us back.

Listening to President Clinton encouraging us to care is a call to return to action. Hip/Hop artist Common sealed the deal spitting conscientious rhyme that made me want to share that we need to take note ~ we can make a difference and do what is right and good for our fellow man.

"Private citizens can do public good" ~ President Clinton.

What a wonderful evening and inspirational night.


Los Angelista said...

Sounds like a VERY cool event! Clinton does good things in the world and I've heard he's such a powerful influencer and motivator.

Even if he did say some crazy things in the campaign, didn't they all. Obama's clearly moved on so everybody should! :)

Houseonahill said...

Yep Liz, you are so right!

It was great and an opportunity to encourage ourselves to touch someone's life if you are able~