August 12, 2009

Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM!

I would REALLY have liked to interview Tyrese Gibson {whom I LOVE LOVE LOVE} about his new venture ~ BUT of course he is a big, busy star! DUH!

Tyrese has teamed with Mike Lee, William Wilson {writers}, Tone Rodriguez {art/cover}, Rachelle Rosenberg {colored}, and Rus Wooten {lettered}.

Why am I writing about a comic?

Because this comic is so unique to me.

After all, I grew up with Captain America and Wonder Woman.

I don't know anything about the "Comic World", but I came away from reading Mayhem so impressed. I actually enjoyed and identified with the story.

I highly recommend Mayhem for teens of color. Seeing their images IN living color on glossy, vibrant pages is really uplifting.

"Dante" and "Felicia" are dynamic.

Of course there is a tad bit of T & A and violence but hey, its the comic world! It is Spidey and Batman but better.

It is what I always hoped for JJonah Jameson and Lex Luther when on occasion they would appear as people of color.

Being a feminist, I would like to see Felicia as one of those gals "always in a Hillary suit" but hey, I am sure that would not go over well with the warm blooded guys ~ and that is fine because I get it!

A positive story of a praying, vigilante, superhero, with promises of an intricate, intelligent story for issues to come has made Mayhem very worth the purchase, the fanfare and the read!

Most of you know that I LOVE when Tyrese croons ~ but this is so much more.

A premise of passion that has taken flight with a destination of uplifting. Taking the comic world to new heights with talent that is incredible. Multiculturalism at its best ~ now who wouldn't want to support that?

Get your copy today!

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