August 13, 2009

Pro-Publishing, Leadership and You!

The Power Of Leadership Book 4!

I am SO excited to share with you The Power of Leadership series: In Business Networking.

I penned a chapter and hope that you will purchase before its release.

I am so honored and proud to be a part of this great compilation!

Daniel & Debbra Sweet are phenomenal people with a great story to tell. Both are incredible entrepreneurs who have founded Pro Publishing Company, the Power of Leadership Book Series and Sweet Marketing Solutions respectively.

Both warm and generous souls, they have afforded me this percolating opportunity to author a chapter in their next Pro Publishing Power Of Leadership series: In Business Networking.

Under the great tutelage of our friend Ann Evanston, I was able to learn about this wonderful key element and participate to encourage and foster success!

Set to be a series of 12 books that are certain to enable and gratify even the most nervous up and coming entrepreneur, you will hear from today's most driven leaders!

Power Of Leadership: In Business Networking
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Danielle said...

Outstanding- can't wait to read it!