August 28, 2009

Meet Irina Wardas ~ The Natural Counselor

Irina, I absolutely love your bio. It is chock full of credentials and very important health education. Were you completely inspired simply by bettering your health?

Oh thank you Dwana. I have been doing my best. As a matter of fact, I was inspired by my mother and thanks to her I am a second generation of Alternative Practitioners with a lot of insightful tips full of European wisdom, flavor and experience.

What types of maladies did you first begin to experience and how long did you endure before you sought to address and ultimately alter your self?

Well, I started studying and using natural remedies when my son was 4 years old helping him when he had fever, sore throat, stuffed nose, regular cold or cough.

As for me, after I turned 30, I struggled with failed diets and weight gain; I was overstressed and had hormonal imbalances with non-stop heavy bleeding before I hit menopause; and I had severe PMS issues at a much younger age than most. I gained much knowledge and insight from my unpleasant experiences and have since gained a new outlook on how to take care of myself. I share my experience with my clients, being an exclusive Holistic Health Counselor to support and guide them in getting rid of health concerns they may have, and help them become healthier and happier.

My positive and negative experiences in overcoming difficulties associated with multiple marriages, dating online and in person, being in an abusive relationship, raising my son by myself give me capability, knowledge and expertise to be the best life coach. By the way, my son is in NYC right now, and has a wonderful career in finances. As for me, I am in California with my wonderful and supportive husband and two rescued dogs I love very much.

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition is extremely influential. What was your focus there?
Why did you feel compelled to certify your training in all of these practices? It is so very commendable. Would you recommend it, all or a few for those you list for seeking better overall nutrition expertise?

At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I studied all the different dietary theories, from the ancient to the modern, through an integrative approach in a program designed for working professionals. It is very important to be certified in this country so I chose the best possible credentials.

Talk to us a bit about "failed diets", "overstress" and hormonal imbalances.

My mother always tried different food recipes to cleanse her body, so I started learning about detox properties of different foods and have realized that we don’t need to go to extremes to cleanse our body- we can do it with the right foods, herbs and spices.

At the same time, I was also learning about stress, foods and stress, foods that can calm you down or visa versa. So my focus became on detox and distress. Stress is number one cause of all illnesses. It is also one of the reasons we have hormonal imbalances and slow metabolism. The solution? We have to reduce stress and detox our body first if we want to be healthier. I have the same approach to weight loss, something a lot of coaches overlook. They help people lose weight, but it doesn’t work in the long run, because weight loss is about lifestyle, not the diets.

As for diets, we are all different, we are not the same age, so how can the same diet help everyone? And I hate the word diet. Diets don’t work because we are forced to eat something we don’t like for a certain period of time. Of course we stop doing what we don’t like. That is why I teach my clients to listen to their bodies, find the right food choices for them, so they can accept, like and be able to stick to them in the future when I am not around as their counselor.

What is the first change you made to your eating habits? Home life? Cleaning products?

I started drinking one extra glass of water a day, it was my first step. Then I started using soap without chemicals and artificial colors and fragrance, by the way, my mother’s influence. She explained to me 30 years ago that if the soap was not white and smelled good, it contained chemicals. As for cleaning products, I lived in Ukraine at the moment so it was completely natural for me to use vinegar and baking soda.

Is there a specific yoga you follow?

My mother was 80 and still was practicing yoga every day starting with Sun Salutation. I also try to do yoga every day, especially a shoulder stand –Sarvangasana to improve circulation and look fabulous. (I recommend this asana to all my clients if they want to fight wrinkles naturally) If I don’t have time or not in the mood, I always do at least 10 Sun Salutations to keep my body flexible.

How can someone be enriched by your program?

In general, my holistic and wellness approach is focused on achieving whole-body health through nutrition, exercise, meditation and preventive care. As a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, I help my clients find balance in every aspect of their life including health, relationship, spirituality, career, exercises and food.

As a certified holistic health counselor, I work with women who are under a lot of stress, especially relationship stress, and are experiencing weight gain, lack of energy, insomnia, mood swings. I help my clients get healthier and it means happier by changing their lifestyle and food preferences. We work in a step-by-step ~ very enjoyable way for long lasting results.

What do you see for those you help?

Better future and by that I mean better understanding of what is to be healthier and happier. I try to help people get rid of their concerns by changing their lifestyle without taking pills. We can be healthy and active and live longer, by it is up to us, it our choice only.

What has been the greatest challenge in changing your old habits? For me, I do not even miss the way I used to live, what do you think it takes to make the best adjustments?

Well, the greatest challenge for me was to resist temptations to try all unhealthy processed foods in the grocery stores when I moved to US 11 years ago. It took a lot of self-control and self discipline at the moment.

Was your family receptive? Children adapt well?

My son is 25 and he still eats oatmeal with raisins and walnuts for breakfast. His girlfriend has changed her eating habits (according to her mother). It is still a lot of improvement can be made but one step at a time is my motto. As for my husband, hmmmm. There are some changes after learning a lot from my website and blog. He drinks only organic milk, tries to read labels, doesn’t eat red meat…Well, I don’t force him, he changes his habit at his own pace, one bite at a time. And I work with women, not with men, anyway don’t I?

Tell us about How did you begin, where would you like it to go and what do you see for yourself in 5 years? is Holistic Health and Nutrition Services for women - everything they need to get healthier and happier as well as feel and look fabulous:

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As a certified holistic health counselor, I work with women who are under a lot of stress, especially relationship stress, and are experiencing weight gain, lack of energy, insomnia, mood swings. I help my clients get healthier and it means happier by changing their lifestyle and food preferences. We work in a step-by-step very enjoyable way for long lasting results.

“Detox – 101 _ Super Simple Detox, The Ultimate guide for Beginners″

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