August 30, 2009

Je t'aime pour toujours, Nouvelle Orleans!

I did not write about Hurricane Katrina yesterday.

I spent the entire day honoring the city, its people and my Gran.

Many of you who read here know she was the force in my life. She made me who I am and who she was, was NOLA.

Everything she did, from the chicory in her coffee, to the fruit in her jello, to Revillion and the mid-night masses Christmas Eve, was NOLA.

As a child she almost lost her life to NOLA in a battle with malaria.

I don't even speak about her gumbo, only Leah Chase knows anything about that.

When she passed, my heart broke like never before ~ only until Katrina had I suffered like that.

I was not there, but I watched, and groaned, and yelled at the television for someone to go there.

Then I went there.

It still pains me 4 years later, the images, the suffering and the unanswered pledges.

The "refugees" of their own land, left to drown.

Here in Chicago, I try to look at the good.

The dedication. The voices. The renewal speak. The Hope.

I enjoy being able to have Cafe Dumond on our shelves here because of so many displaced.

I enjoy all the things we used to have to search for or have shipped.

Jewel carries ALL the NOLA brands now. But, I long to move.

Where the sky hangs, the humidity hugs and the people are smiling.

Where the streets come alive and there is a party in the hearts.

Folks let's help to keep NOLA alive.

Do what you can.

I won't bombard you with a list. {Yes, there is still a list} BUT, I think the most important causes right now are the New Orleans School District, Charity Hospital, and


Tom said...

I can make a pretty good jambalaya, but there's a place in Evanston that makes some pretty good Cajun food.

It's called the Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop.

I've had dinner there a couple of times, but never breakfast.

According to the reviews I've read on line, breakfast is THE meal to get here, and it includes chicory coffee.

We should do breakfast here sometime, but it may be tricky coordinating our schedules.

Houseonahill said...

Sounds like a date! I LOVE Dixie Kitchen. Good Southern, down-home cooking - Let's make it soon! YUM!