August 26, 2009

You Fought the Good Fight Senator, Farewell ~

Looks like August 25th will be a day of birthdays {passings into the next realm} for great people.

Senator Ted Kennedy's passing yesterday was emotional for me.

I was a little toddler when the Chappaquiddick incident occurred. I recall the conversations and I recall the love and admiration my mother felt for the Kennedys. No matter, she stood by them.

Throughout the tragedies of their lives, my mother constantly supported them and wrote them notes, receiving personal responses. Go figure. With all their eccentricities, they are, and remain, a family of class and pomp and circumstance.

Senator Kennedy lived a life of honor within the Senate House. His support of crucial legislation that has benefited the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised and people of color has been his his trademark and his legacy.

Senator Kennedy will also long be remembered for catapulting Barack Obama into the presidency.

Senator Kennedy's jovial smile and centered disposition will be missed.

His fight for those in need must be taken up by the next soldier for justice and it is my hope that his spirit is shining in the presence of greatness for he will be an angel in my heart.

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