August 31, 2009

Yes we can ALL get along!

A few weeks ago, WHEN IT WAS WARM, I took my boy and his boys for a little fun downtown.

Seething and hot, it was a picture perfect day.

In a mecca like Chicago, on a summer's day, Indian, Chinese, African and Polish were all wiggling, screaming and stomping with delight. Black and White. Latino and more.

We were eating and laughing.

We were smiling and winking.

We were admiring each other's children. You know the ones we'd really like to see grow up and shine?

How is it, if we all want the same things for our off-spring, that we can not insure them all equality. Preferential treatment for each one.

Health care and quality education?

We sat on the "L" passing each station on our way home. The further away we screeched from Millenium Park, the more segregated the stops ~ still mixed but not as much.

We sauntered down 18th, graffiti greeted us as did the mix of Chinese Food and tacos - it tickled our noses.

The grit from the street blew through us, hugged us and fled. But the thought I was having stayed with me. I know we can do this. I know justice can win.

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