May 24, 2009

What In The World??

I just turned off Ali Velshi and Christine Roman "Your $$$" on CNN!

6 months ago that would have never happened. I watched CNN in my sleep!

Don't get me wrong. I still LOVE CNN and all of its programming and adore all of the anchors but something has changed in me.

I am not sure it is reality though. For that, I need your input.

I have become a Twitterholic. I have not been neglecting this blog for that reason (more about the neglect later) but have seriously preferred Twitter to any other form of the news.

I "follow" CNN breaking news and quite a few other informative favorites as well.

I follow NPR, The Huffington Post and the gals over at Blogher and their political sites.

The change, and this is where you come in, is the way that news is presented on Twitter.


I don't know why I find it happy, but I do!

Being surrounded by amiable fellow Twitterers tempers things, and, well, to me that is now preferable.

Even when I am faced with unpleasant news, having my followers, or those I follow, simultaneously sharing other things or offering immediate consolation matters.

I still may flick on the news, but I no longer want to listen to the drone of long winded horror, or things that affect me.

Now that may be good or bad -- jump in here people -- but the economy on Twitter is still BAD but there are hundreds of thousands there with genuine alternatives to make me better, strive stronger, want more, and also be my friend.


Have been working on something new! *SOMETHING NEW* Still "bare-bones" (K.R. Copeland always has the words when I don't) BUT it is up and running! Anything you'd like to contribute or offer in way of advice or critique is ALWAYS welcome ~ AND, as always ENJOY THIS DAY!


healthy ashley said...

I'm with you: I find Twitter to be generally happy! I might get a few odds and ends stories from it but not much real news. Still, I am working on watching the news less. I know it's great to be educated, but too much of it leaves me stressed and upset. Working on finding that balance :)

Houseonahill said...


SO glad you popped over you busy gal!
If anyone has the key to "balance" its you!

PunditMom said...

I hear you! Even I am getting tired of the incessant droning of talking heads. :(