May 27, 2009

Staying On the Road to WELLNESS!

Really feeling energized every morning is something I thought would never come to me.

Not in this lifetime anyway.

But every morning I am ready to go.

I am a "bed" person, so parting with my bed is difficult. BUT energy-wise I am there.

It will be a year of complete veganism in July, I think, and I have truly never felt better. SO, I am not here to preach that tune, but share a bit of how I got the gumption.

It began with little, tiny, baby steps. If you are challenged in some way, just eating a salad from McDonald's once a month will not get you where you should be.

I eliminated the burgers, as you know, due to the near death experience with the Dairy Queen bacon double cheese! GOSH, I LOVED that, but after my episode my intestines didn't even like the word dairy! Hearing the D-A-I-R and they would twist and turn and bunch up! So I HAD to begin a journey. It started with calming, cleansing things like ginger tea and reishi teas and coffees.

Fascinating how good you will feel in just starting there.

A simple tea cleanse, eliminating what is bad in all of the ways possible is such a life changer. Once you run out of the cookies, crackers and processed things don't buy anymore. Additionally knowing that we do NOT need anything dairy just to get calcium will stop the allergies and other mucus related maladies and welcome you to clear head.

As I sip my cafe, without the au lait, non-dairy (creamers in the freezer section are yummy!,) I was thinking about how many of us wake up and are not feeling well and struggle to face the day!

Get up, S-T-R-E-T-C-H and do something for you TODAY!

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