May 9, 2009

To ALL the Mothers

Mother's Day has many meanings and origins but mainly it is celebrated across the globe on the second Sunday in May.

I always considered it a "Hallmark" occasion and did not give it much credence, sincerely, until now.

While my grandmother was alive, I don't remember much enthusiasm on my part, though I loved her dearly. My grandmother was my best friend, and my my most influential ancestor. I would shower her on her birthday because I was born two days after she was and there was always a major celebratory event signifying each year we were together to do so.

This year however, though I have bawled my way through many of my son's "Mother's Day" tea parties at school, Mother's Day has a real significance inside of me. I appreciate having my mother like never before.

I know she is a gift; fragile and fragrantly delicate like petals in the breeze.

I have come to really acknowledge and appreciate motherhood. In each mother I know, connect with, have witnessed, seen, embraced or grown with, there is something tangible and warm. I, for some reason, can now see the sparkle in their written words, the tired excitement in their eyes after they've performed some perfunctory task or commitment.

In our own special ways, we are all wonderful mothers. I see it! I see YOU.

Today and everyday I embrace you. Strong, enduring, fighter, lover, nurturer, handmaiden, protector. Worrier, doctor, nurse, taxicab driver, bus driver, cook, waitress, servant, teacher, cleaner.

Powerful mothers. Loving mothers. Shining, lucid wonders who procreate, birth and raise.

On THIS day, be applauded. You are so important. So vital. SO NECESSARY, needed and belonging right at the top of life's bedazzled heap of folks that the family's village needs. Glistening and ever ready for your next task, your next work. Your next breath.

Enjoy ~ Sunflower says so!

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