May 11, 2009

Hey, How Is Your May Today?

It is my hope that everyone had a splendid day yesterday.

Many of us still have our mothers or an important woman in our life. Many of us have loss. Many of us have not had the blessing. It is a large world when that happens. It is a small world when it has not.

I do know many a motherless child. I know many of us who lack any influence. I know many wonderful and crusading women who have tackled challenging situations: sick children, dying loved ones, adopting, missionary work, substance abuse challenges, domestic violence and have somehow managed to instill leadership and inspire many.

There is an awesome sun shining bright today, and it caused for pause and reflection again today, that women are wonderful creatures!

Last month, I featured, on Easter Weekend, our great friend, Christine Rabel of Mary Kay and I want to shout out to her that her service is spectacular!

Many times we are seeking that certain nitch that will give us a desired outcome for our lives, but we disregard who we are and what we can bring; both to the situation and to the craft.

Christine is a reminder that you must first HONOR YOURSELF! The rest will come.

She is a genuine, professional, spirited woman. She did not sell me. She did not market or fill my inbox. She simply cared.

Like our other powerhouse, Ann Evanston encourages, simply be true to your heart, your ideas will sincerely vault you into the game and perception will become truth and you will succeed!

{{{Stepping off soapbox}}} (whoops tripped).

Thanks for supporting the House all this time and I look forward to hugging each and every one of you with something super soon ~

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