May 1, 2009

Friends On Friday ~ Wouldn't you like to be a Twitterer Too ~

Have you ever been "social networking" and there was someone just blazing up the trail?

Funny, intelligent, a real social butterfly?

That would be JackInChicago aka Jack Benton. You can follow JackInChicago as I do on Twitter. His resume reads such that Donald Trump should hire him - hands down! Yet, our friend Jack has been a casualty in this economic slump.

He is a life long Chicagoan. He is practically an emergency officionaire's dream.

He has a quick sense of humor and a charitable side for that...please let me introduce you (drum roll and tambourines) to Jack Benton ~ "in the House".

Photo courtesy of Jack Benton

Jack was kind enough to participate in my first telephone interview. I learned so much about Fire Safety, dedication, love of the job, persistence and love of your fellow man.

Jack Benton became involved with Fire Safety as a teenager in the Chicagoland's South Suburb of Riverdale. I asked Jack about Fire Sciences and his experiences.

Jack's volunteering peeked his community interest right out of high school. His father was a policeman, so love of fellow man is in the blood. He also attributes his experiences with the University of Illinois Champaign Fire Service Institute as fostering much of his specific knowledge.

We then covered ground that I never knew existed! CHECK OUT JACK HERE!!!

How is it that someone with this much experience is not lending their assorted viewpoints to better this wary and worried world??? Think-Tanks of Illinois, take notice!

Jack has been a Lieutenant, an EMT, a Public Information Officer and has worn may other hats as well. Currently, he is promoting his voice to bring much needed attention to ARMYWIFENETWORK.

A person who has committed himself to the betterment of others is a special person indeed!

And imagine that once upon a time, Jack suffered panic attacks.

He is promoting the Panic Attack and Anxiety Support Group of Bolingbrook, IL.

From the University of Maryland's Advanced Fire Administration Certification class to our living room here in this House, Jack Benton is a person we should know and keep in our hearts and minds!

I love asking people where they see themselves within a certain amount of time. It gives vision and foresight and I love future speculation. When I asked Jack where he saw himself, he joked that he would simply "love to have a job".

Bringing us all down to earth in these troubled times is NOT Jack Benton's modus operondai. He continues to uplift us, make us aware, support us, support our families and our causes...AND he is thankfully a White Sox FAN!

Jack, please pop in every now and again and keep us up to date on your many varied and wonderful endeavors ~ Thank you SO much!


JackInChicago said...

Thank you so much for your time, kindness to do this for me and most of all for your friendship! You are a wonderful person and I can't thank you enough!

(I even posted it to all 50 of my Groups on LinkedIn too!)

TY! =)


David said...


Sorry I don't have a job for you but with experience like yours if I hear of anything on the north side of the 49th, I will drop you a line.

Good luck in your search

JackInChicago said...

Thank you David for the kind comments and the offer to send leads!! I hope we are connected on Twitter!

TY again!


Anonymous said...

We don't know what we did to deserve your love but we sure are glad you love us!!

The girls at

JackInChicago said...


Being part of a large family that has many in both the army & Marines as well as Firefighters and Police Officers, I love endorsing and help causes like yours!! That's why I promote you so much as you do a lot of great things!

If you need to raise money, for free, no catch, come see me on my Twitter page!

Thank you for your kind comments!!


Accepting all job leads too!! Email me at

Anonymous said...

How cool is this??? You are one networking babe...out there., Now surely there are jobs out there for me too. (smile)
Creating jobs is my LIFE....yet Cities are cutting these jobs out???
How can people like Jack....those who serve the safety of the community, and people like me... those who create job and help buinesses OUT OF WORK????

I hear my last job offer...they decided to close the police department??? What are they nuts???

Charlene said...

Sorry Jack, found my gmail account.,

JackInChicago said...

Thanks Char for the kind comments! I couldn't agree with you more! :) I love networking, but a networking babe, is quite the title LOL!

I hope we both get hired soon! Thanks for reading this fine article written by a wonderful person!!


JackInChicago said...

Still looking for that ever elusive job!! All EHS/ Safety Job leads in the Chicago area are welcomed!!

Thanks!! Merry Christmas too!

Jack Benton