April 30, 2009


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Well this week I am thankful that I am not spiteful!

Honestly, our government can be very sneaky.

Many of you who Twitter or who read some of my other blurbs at Womenco or Blogher know that my family was VERY sick three weeks ago. BEFORE the SWINE FLU RAGE.

I think it is very suspicious that the governments around the world waited until things surged in pandemic proportions to warn us. This makes me distrust them. If there was a more serious threat ~ When would they let us know?

I really believe we are on our own.

There were MANY of my kid's classmates stricken. An office mate reported that her physician stated simply to stay home for there was nothing he could really do and the office was filled with others with the same symptoms. No point in sitting for hours vomiting and otherwise eh?

SO, I am thankful I am vegan as well. Kid was not a vegan,(but is now)and had a more severe battle. I truly believe that consuming our infested meat products reduces our immunity. Our meat products just are not safe. Period. Any argument you throw just leaves you open to a world of uncertainty and it is just not worth it, in my opinion.

After his battle, kid said he is dedicated to being vegan.

AND before you all rattle my brains, proclaiming this pandemic is not food related. I KNOW! BUT, many of our immune systems have been compromised by our food intake so try, try, try to eat as many leafy green veggies as possible. You can bake em, boil em, put em on a sandwich or even in a blender and make a really yummy smoothie with carrots and apples and mangoes!

I am sure most of you just simply can NOT eliminate meat completely...and as many of you already know, it took a deathly event with a Dairy Queen burger before I began my journey, SO I DO UNDERSTAND! But if you MUST, eat kosher, parve or halal meats.

WASH WASH WASH your hands! If you have infants, or toddlers, I would keep them in...they can NOT handle this. The dehydration from the "both ends" is really trying. It takes ALOT of gaterade!! And eat to live, not live to eat. You can read our friend Tracy at Digging Through The Dirt for specifics. She really knows her stuff!

I AM SO THANKFUL today ~ things could be worse! I am thankful for this day!

Go out there and enjoy!


Tracy H. said...

Thanks for linking to my post!

You bring up a really good point -- and one I hadn't considered -- about meat weakening our immune system.

And even if it's not the meat directly, I know that as a vegan I eat tons more fruits and veggies now than I ever did as a meat-eater. And fruits and veggies, of course, boost one's immune system.

Houseonahill said...

Thanks for stopping in Tracy! Your blog is so valuable ~

JackInChicago said...

Good read and so true!