January 25, 2009

"You know it's hard out here for a pimp...


when he trying to git this money for the rent..."

Today you get a 'TOOFA" ~ a two for one. Now that I have spent unnecessary funds attempting to eliminate the bug from my computer, I have been blessed to find that the best programs in life are free!

Malwarebytes.org is what ultimately cleared this "whatever" it was up, (Thank you CNet) so now the House is clear! (sighs ~ relief)

A few days ago the nominations for the Oscar unfolded and I was so excited to hear that Taraji P. Henson was nominated for Best Supporting Actress!!!

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Her portrayal as Shug in the movie "Hustle and Flow" was so moving. When Terence Howard's character DJ finally realized he loved her and kissed her, it was like Rhett and Scarlet...the passion, the depth...both of their performances were outstanding.

It was so evident she could slip into character so deeply. I am so happy for her.

She has been in the business since 1997. Born in Washington D.C. and relative to the explorer who discovered the Arctic North Pole, Matthew Henson, she has been destined for greatness and I wish her all of the best.

Her relative met and accompanied Commander Robert E. Peary on several expeditions as an experienced seaman and navigator. Matthew Henson studied the Inuit and mastered their language(wikipedia).

In 1909 they banded together again on a mission to the North Pole. A group of 6 headed out, but it was ultimately Matthew Henson who tracked to the site and planted the American Flag.

I need not have to tell you that because he was black, his accomplishment went unhonored for many years, but ultimately he received proper recognition...none that I ever learned about in school, but I do recall seeing him over the years because my Daddy made us read JET Magazine. It was the only link in the late 70s-80s that let black folk know that they were not all shuckin and jiving and raiding corner stores.

Growing up in my educational system, we only learned of George Washington Carver, Dr. King and Malcolm X. We knew that Hattie McDaniel, Ida B Wells and Harriet Tubman were also a phenomenon, but the bigger picture is that the world just would not exist the way it is today if it weren't for the selfless contribution of the inventive black mind.

I must have been 25 before I learned of the black inventions of the stoplight and modern refigeration of food!

At any rate, hooray for Taraji and to her the best of luck on February 22nd!!

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