January 23, 2009

JUST when.....

we had filed away ALL of the silly sayings and buried into the far recesses of our poor battered minds the nonsensical diatribes about "war" and "axis of evil". Just when we had sighed a deep breath of relief, a Bush supporting dimwit, and former speech writer, submits an attacking editorial on our HOPE Administration.

I would have to do a time-line to figure out which speeches this maniac's words lent Mr. Bush his retarded, racist, fear-instilling rhetoric, but REALLY, I think we have heard all we really need to hear from Mark Thiessen and his half-witted Texas-talking head.

And to think I worked so hard on being healthier and happier earlier today!

Maybe I am being a bit harsh, but anyone who lends credence, or better yet, validates such idealism within the language of their speeches, is a racist and a hate monger.

Within this editorial, Mr. Thiessen attacks President Obama for rescinding the harmful and alienating orders placed in motion when Bush issued the order of war on Iraq. Mr. Thiessen further states, "Whether Barack Obama is standing on the Capitol steps to be sworn in a second time depends on whether he succeeds in replicating Bush's achievement".

Whoa, WHAT???!!!!!

He then proceeds to expound his idea by stating we've had 2,688 days with no attacks on U.S. soil due to the Bush Administration's hard-ball tactics.

Uh, yeh, thats right, and in the process we became "Enemy to the world". We became abhorrent and infanticidal. We tortured and maimed for reasons not known to the public under the shroud of verbiage that horrified us of our neighbors because they were different.

Mr. Thiessen's words used our ignorance toward other cultures to give them permission to pillage lands and kill women's husbands and children's fathers for oil, power and greed.

I do not want terror on this land. Of course I don't. I am certain our President does not either. Mr. Thiessen suggests that giving peace a chance is just too big of a cost. Well, I am willing to pay any price for a return to integrity, tolerance, acceptance and love. These are the things that America is about.

My freedom and right to peace is not for sale, and certainly is not to be arbitrarily revoked by propaganda and scare-jargon. Eight is enough.

Feel free to read Mark Thiessen's input here.

I for one will run the other way the next time I see his name. It never occurred to me that he was one of the poor souls putting that garbage in Bush's mouth from 2001-2009; could Bush himself have done a better job??:

"When I get home tonight and look in the mirror, I’m not going to regret what I see," Bush said, "except maybe some gray hair." ~ George W. Bush

Nope, he won't regret the state of the economy, racist federal responses, global views of the U.S., not even the lives lost from his misinformation regarding weapons of mass destruction, his responses to Osama Bin Laden, "Uh I'll git you later", or getting a shoe thrown at him...his only regret is gray hair...Right on Dubya, maybe a bowl of Texas chili will settle me down!


Tamera said...

Goodness, I missed this one!!! Grrrrr. You go, girl!

Houseonahill said...


I seriously made a 6 bean fire hot chili to change my mood!

MMMmmmm, its great on these 9 degree days and always brings me to a smile,ah, its the simple things in life, right!!!!