January 26, 2009


I've been listening to Ohio's Representative John Boehner making his rounds in vehement opposition to the Obama Administration's stimulus package and I have emailed him a note.

If you feel as I do, take part. We have an opportunity to keep in the loop.

Congressman Boehner is the 8th District representative for Ohio, and also is the Republican Leader of the House. His website proclaims that funding education and infrastructure is wasteful government spending. Congressman Boehner beliefs are to eliminate the taxing and he would much rather create jobs. He then cites that this proposed policy will be on the backs of our children. He believes it is a deficit that they will end up "paying" for in the future.

Well I feel that the trillion dollar a day war we financed is on our children's future and their children's future as well. We OWE them this proposed package.

While I understand spending is not from one giant governmental pot, I also understand that the war took funding, lives, and efforts that could have been directed toward educating our society, job training and other programs that were eliminated by Republicans.

Many of our children, and the children of the world, need to be educated to respect one another and populate politely while respecting all life.

That is my stand.

Infrastructure needs attention so that bridges do not collapse while you are on your way to work. Building up schools and hospitals to accommodate new technology so that our children stop shooting one another and learn a trade is not wasteful.

I told Representative Leader John Boehner...now you please tell him what you think as well! If you agree with him tell him! AND IF YOU DON'T, REALLY tell him. It takes two seconds.

United States Republican Representative and Leader John Boehner


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