January 23, 2009

I WILL BE Healthier and Happier TODAY!!!!

I wanted to share some great information on some Oscar nominated talent today, but my laptop must have a virus and is not allowing me to upload photos!


I also have some really cool input from our friend Tom Brennan, but again, the tinker is not tinkering at its fullest capacity.

I am experimenting with several anti-virus programs and hope to have everything copacetic by this evening ~ Wish me Luck!!!

In the meantime, I discovered another great blogger on my Womenco Network (Remember Kylie???) and she is phenomenal.

Check her out today for inspiring tips to better yourself and your relationships!

Crystal Hernandez on Interpersonal Excellence

Reading her today gave me such a boost after several hours of frustration last night with my laptop and a loved one! Whew!


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