December 2, 2008

XO ~ Give one, Get one AGAIN this year!!!

This laptop brought so much joy and was used so well by my son that I can honestly promote it again this year.

Originally brought to my attention by our friend ElaineVigneault, this concept is so awesome.

I promptly received my wirelessly capable laptop and word that another child would be enjoying one as well.

It is stocked with educational links and programs and works very well in addition to be environmentally conscious and energy saving, I felt very good about my purchase and hope you will as well.

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Tamera said...

Yay! Good to read that it works well. I was going to post about it as well in a week or so...I found out about it on CNN a couple of weeks ago, and we ordered one for my husband's 10 yr. old granddaughter. It came yesterday. I was a little anxious about the laptop's performance, so I'm glad that you have been satisfied. Actually....this is an awesome size to bring along on trips. I would like one myself to do basic writing and surfing!