December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day 2008!!!

There are now approximately 33 million people living with HIV worldwide. 500,000 are living with HIV in the United States. 56,000 new cases were reported in 2008.

Data the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) collected from 2006 estimated that roughly 18,000 of the AIDS cases reported in the U.S. belonged to black people. This is the highest category of all races.

With 33 million people living in our world with AIDS, 25 million in Africa, we must pause today and do whatever we can to contribute in efforts to quell this phenomenon.

During our election season, the main reason I was so angry at my community is for the way they treated President Clinton.

His Clinton Foundation has committed to so very many issues that affect our community at large.

Health and obesity, AIDS and heart disease are our main killers. His efforts have been staunch contributors in providing education and mandates to overhaul the detriment inflicted on our people.

His work on AIDS, especially in Africa, have stumped many who have launched efforts from our community. So, again, I say "shame on us" for that. And "shame on us" for throwing racially charged accusations at someone who has devoted these past 8 years of his life to many of our causes, concerns and needs.

Moving on, WORLD AIDS DAY 2008, this year, should be wonderful as we all reflect on how far we've come and where we need to go to ensure AIDS does not win the battle.

Be blessed and inspired today, if all you can do today is hold an AIDS baby or devote your time to educating others, I suppose that is a good start. Letting others know that you care is half the effort.

The other suggestion I have that would be really great is if you have not found out your status, get tested today! TEST INFORMATION. You can visit this site and find a testing location near you.

House has no idea what to do today! I am a blood donor so I try to get tested annually before I give to make sure my donation is good. I always almost faint! But I do it anyway. I'm sure most of us hate needles and the sight of our own blood! YIKES!

My contribution to this day however is starting with this post and researching from here.

I remain a supporter of RED.COM and will continue to blog and support the Clinton Foundation for now!

Here are a few sites I encountered: CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION

United Nations Program on AIDS


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