December 4, 2008

SO Tired...

I just woke up to news that a lawsuit has been filed, again, alleging that our President does not have citizenship.

Many who are staunchly partisan have officially become really big whiners, in my opinion. The smut they spew is so wastefully malign when you look at the grand schema of things; all in the name of their ideology

I am not a Rhodes Scholar, nor do I have a law degree. I do have knowledge from working with 200 illegal defendants each month at any given time, for the last 10 years.

I also read. As this waste of taxpayers dollars makes its way to the Supreme Court, I am angered!

With the state of the world as it is, these folks filing these suits for their fifteen minutes of fame, need to get a life. Even if they find that his mother gave birth on Mars, he is still a U.S. citizen, period, and our 44th President. Jeeze!

Children Born in Wedlock
A child born outside the US to parents who are married at the time of the birth will be a US citizen if either of the two following situations obtains. First, if both of his parents are US citizens and at the time of birth at least one of them previously resided in the US for any period of time. Second, a child born on or after 14 November 1986, if only one of his parents is a citizen at the time of birth, will be a US citizen if his or her US citizen parent was physically present in the US, legally or illegally, for at least five years before the child’s birth; at least two years of that time must have been after the age of 14.

If the child was born between 24 December 1952 and 14 November 1986 the rules are slightly different. In such a case if only one parent is a US citizen, that parent must show 10 years’ physical presence in the US, legally or illegally, five of which must have been after the age of 14.

There is no longer any requirement that a US citizen child, to retain his or her citizenship, must reside in the US for any particular period of time. The retention requirement was repealed effective 10 October 1978 and is inapplicable for any child born on or after 10 October 1952. Persons who lost their US citizenship through failure to meet the residence requirement may have their citizenship restored upon taking an oath.



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Anonymous said...

Well said!

Thanks for showing the actual documents pertaining to this.

Its good, as i cme from an outside the US perpective, so its nice to see some clear evidence :)

Thanks, keep up the good writing!

Houseonahill said...


Thank you! Loved hearing from you~