November 23, 2008


Our friend Tamera Daun over at Pentads has become a supporter and advocate over at Wellsphere.

She does not know that I am promoting her here, but this is such a great concept. Much like WebMd, but it also incorporates all areas of health, including mental, targeting our outlooks in a happy and easy-to-navigate forum.

I noticed the widget on her sidebar and promptly went over and then joined. I was lost for hours just looking up things, gaining validation and knowledge.

Your health can be fun. Listening to yourself, and garnering tips to keep yourself alert and in a positive state of mind are so instrumental, especially in these times.

Having support from your friends, family, fellow bloggers and your body itself, are essential in maintaining each and everyday.

So, check out this tool and see what it can do for you! Let me know what tips you find work for you. Sharing may save someone from a horrible episode!

Here's to our health!!!

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