November 22, 2008

Chuckle, chuckle

I honestly hope Sarah Palin stays far, far away from the mainland...REALLY.

I caught myself speaking like her when I was conversing with my mom yesterday.

I said "and also" infelicitously. I caught myself exclaiming "WHAT was that???"

I purposely limited my watching of any of her interviews, comments, and rallys during the entire election season. Mainly I felt she was completely benign. Secondly, I found her to be so pointless and unbecoming that watching anything to do with her was a waste of time.

How is it then that I was somehow Palinized???

I hope she goes away soon! Maybe the turkey fiasco will ( I mean REALLY, who gives an interview with a bloodbath in the background! A turkey massacre, nice one Sarah) seal her fate...gosh darn it! Thanks to our friend Elaine Vigneault for running the footage.

REALLY enjoyed David Letterman roasting her with Katie Couric!

You betcha! (wink)

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