October 14, 2008

Would the Three Kings Be Welcome In Your Humble Home???

Now I know that the internet can be a place where you can get lost for hours picking up all sorts of information that must be validated, AND I also know that at 75 years old, your wheels are starting to turn a bit slower...believe me, I KNOW. My dad is 77 years old and is quick as whip IF A. He can hear you and B. He is not attempting to multi-task.

He has limited cell phone capabilities and has no idea about computers/email/the internet. SO, when I want to smack Gayle Quinnell for being an ignorant, racist, quack ~ I really can not because she lives in a small town in Minnesota, and she is 75 years old. But when she shared with the media that her entire family absorbed her inaccuracies, well, who do you blame there?

YOU CAN READ THE MADNESS HERE from a paper's news feed. Ignorance and fear really is spread like wildfire. I am reminded of what scared me and I passed on about Sarah Palin wearing that bikini toting a rifle! But I guess what is troubling me moreso than just typical fear induced inaccuracies are the roots of the fear.

It makes me embarrassed. I feel total embarrassment for the woman, Gayle Quinnell. She is probably a "Christian", and her family, and all the families around them who have never ventured from the confines of their own minds, their town limits or their non-meandering ways. Not to belittle that way of life, but it can be so constricting if you never take the time to expand, venture and learn about others!!! And as one is always told at some point in their youth, "How do you know if you don't like something if you have never tried it?"

Arab. "He's an Arab" she said. Gayle Quinnell said she was given a flier from a McCain campaign volunteer. She read it, said it was "bad" and promptly went to Kinko's and made 400 copies and distributed them. Is Minnesota another planet? Do they read? Have cable? I know that they do, so what were the McCain Campaign volunteers thinking when they knowingly distributed this message of hate and befoulment?

When I first met Barack Obama, the first thing that came to mind was not "is he an Arab?" His name was So out there, and NOT Arabic sounding really...I could not even fathom where he was from, so my mind left it right there. My name is out there too, so, maybe I am not a good example. Had he been an Arab, what does that really mean? Pre-9/11, I guess it would have made no difference. Post 9/11, I guess it is safe to say, I suppose, we are all still ignorant and fearful of our neighbors. My favorite line when I hear someone being a total racist-ass is remember, Jesus was Jewish! The temperament of small town America is so "Christian", but none of those folk in the Good Book were Christians! They were all Arabs, Africans, Romans, and Jews!

Then if they're still listening,I remind them that Moses married an African princess, they were all over the Middle East, heck, does anyone remember Moses was raised an Egyptian??? Forging that piece of literature that so many spend so much time reading, and throwing around in everyone's face, but no, not absorbing is poor comprehension to say the least. The Three Kings would not have been welcome in many of these bigots homes.

Kings Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar, the Three Kings(Magi), brought gifts for the Baby Jesus and were welcomed into the humbled manger.

Shame on all the fear mongers, for as the season bears upon us, and we clasp our fingers to pray, ONCE AND FOR ALL FINALLY proclaim that to really be a Christian, Arab, Jew, or variation of all three, Muslim, Buddhist, Baha'i, Hinduism ~ heck, human, is to love and embrace ALL. Learn about all you can, never hate and always give a hand!

I can't wait for Gayle Quinnell to be interviewed properly. Maybe it will all start with her. Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us...
grant us peace.


Tamera said...

The more they keep showing the clip, the more I actually feel sorry for her. I feel less sorry for the "educated" minister that opened McCain's rally a few days ago with asking God to "protect his own reputation" lest other people around the world consider their God mightier than the Christian God.

Houseonahill said...

Wow, Tami...gotta find that one...I'm feeling less and less sorry for individuals and more sorry for us as a whole ~ as a planet ~ and as part of the human race. We are sad wilting flowers...

Nardeeisms said...

House, like Tamera, each time I see that clip...I cringe. Thanks to advanced replay capabilities, now available to all of mankind, she will forever go down in history as "the lady who said 'so and so'" (I can't even repeat it). She will probably never be able to live it down. Sad, sad, sad...-Nards

Houseonahill said...

Hey! yeh, it is sad~

Hopefully enough of us were sickened enough to help facilitate change for "The Boy", mine, and every young man who is different from the status quo.

Last night I grew even sicker as McCain quibbled about Rep.John Lewis comments. McCain not once apologized. Thankfully Obama never takes his eye off the issues and maintained, but we all know the truth. McCain/Palin rhetoric is combustible and really needs to be reigned in. 21 DAYS!

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