October 15, 2008

Poverty & BLOG ACTION DAY!!!


I LOVE Blog Action Day, it is so much fun to share and care on a special day!

This year's theme, as you are probably aware, is POVERTY. As the world begins to shrink with internet use, our neighbors are really closer than they used to be. We have international concerns and relationships now more than ever!

Through blogging we are a family that reaches across the globe! AND I know we love our families & friends!

So today I will be reminding everyone about the CHALLENGE I proposed of giving just $1 today to the American Red Cross. Yes, I know, it's not worth what it was yesterday, or what it was by the time I finish this post! But, when dear friends are in dire, desperate need, donations of any kind help masses ~ as we speak Tropical Storm Omar is forming...we just never know when there will be another disaster. The American Red Cross are always the first responders ~ So reach out and give them a hand, you may use the donation bar at the side!!

Our other friends here at "Healthier, Happier, You!!" are also in need!! Battling poverty is about to reach new heights as our global economic struggles continue. Americans are hurting as we have not since the 1930's. Poverty is about to have a new meaning. When we are unable to reach out, what happens to the rest of the world and the countries that have counted on us to survive??

Well, I read a blurb yesterday on some online paper that wealth is really relative. Money is imagination, it is not tangible, hence that dollar bill. In essence it's just a promise, so we have a lot of empty promises floating around. And if you somehow fall out of line, well you are quickly introduced to poverty.

No one should suffer because they somehow fell out of line or missed one opportunity, or was born where lines are just too long.

We can feed villages with what we spend in one day on soda, chips and a large fry. With what I spend everyday on coffee, I can send to Kericho and Pastor Jonah!!!

Please check out our friends sites to find out what they need.

We also have a friend in W.I.P writer Rose-Anne Clermont's mom's mission: JACLERMONTHOME.COM

Rose-Anne's parents were born in Haiti and came to the United States full of dreams and missions. Dr. Clermont served well in his east coast community, as well as service to those back home until he was tragically killed in an automobile accident. His wife has carried on his dream of service to Jacmel, Haiti. As you can imagine, with the devastation of these recent hurricanes, Haiti's youth are especially vulnerable and could use whatever we can give.

SO! With so much to do, and so little time, grab a hand and make it our mission to help someone in need today. Devote a bit of your time to any of these friends OR investigate a few of your own!

It's a great way to love one another, feel good about our neighbors, and who knows, you just may make a few friends for life!!

And in this HOUSE, we say, what could be better???