October 10, 2008

An Open Letter To Senator John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

There were many points you made out of frustration on the night of the debate. There were many half-truths and blunders. Your constituency supports you and thought you did a fine job, and I suppose you did considering.

I have cast aside your dismissive, disingenuous, remark, calling a black man, your colleague, "that one" on live national television. An apology would be nice, but hey, you're teaching our kids "all is fair in love and war."

My letter to you today revolves around two points. I was listening to a supporter of yours in New Mexico who stated that for him, the election was all about life. He went on to say he supports you because you don't support murder. He proclaimed he is pro-life. Well his statement is a challenge. Do you really support life? What about our soldiers' life. What about quality of life. What about educating about life. What about preserving life.

Senator, what about being able to live life?

Which brings me to my next point. You so incriminatingly suggested that Senator Obama's pursuit of $3 million dollars for a Adler Planetarium "projector" was earmarking at it's worst. Has anyone in your campaign bothered to REALLY research the venom that spews from your mouth? It appears you are counting on fear and ignorance to prevail in order for folks to vote for you. Shame.

The "projector" is the unsuccessful attempt to replace the awe-inspiring machine that projects stars on to the ceiling of the planetarium's auditorium dome. I really want to call you a "meat-head", but I won't, because it's not nice!

Hundreds of thousands of students, myself included, have gone during educational field trips, leaned back into our seats, before the "show" began, and stared into the assimilated sky, making plans...daring to dream! It was installed in 1967 and is beginning to disintegrate.

Wow, senator. You want rights for a zygote...good luck taking care of it once it becomes a child...don't educate it...whatever...because you're just going to send it off to war.

Thanks but no thanks to your bridge to no where, whose gonna vote for you? Not this one!

Best regards,



Tamera said...

He loves to play on the fear factor. so true, so true.

Houseonahill said...

McCain/Palin's rhetoric is really backyard, right?!The media snippets will surely incite riots (on both sides) if they keep this up ~