October 7, 2008

The Audacity Of Hope...

The AUDACITY of Senator Obama...thinking he could go on LIVE television for a national presidential debate and NOT be called "THAT ONE"?

I mean really, what was he thinking???

I am being SO sarcastic - I am reeling!!!

Having to put to bed a 12 year old colored male child who had to watch the debate for class, all while explaining to him that ~ I'm sure Senator McCain misspoke and did not mean anything by the condescending remark ~ could leave one to be just a tad bit sarcastic. Deep in my heart, once the words left Senator McCain's lips and he flung his hand gesturing pompously, it became painfully certain that what he really wanted to call him was "boy", or any derivative within the GOODOLEBOY'S dictionary!

I watched, as I do, on CSpan, so I will have to wait until the morning to see if America even caught this wild exclamation.

CSpan offered no immediate pundit commentary, though I was so angry I threw the remote thus turning the tv(tonight it is an idiot box!) off.

Maybe my household is overreacting. Maybe we are lost in a viscious time warp OR flashback of Vintage TV and this is a "Twilight Zone" episode.

Before sitting down to my keyboard, I became overwhelmed by a realization that Senator McCain would have never addressed another senator in that tone, or any other colleague, or joesixpack for that matter. How odd to use this forum to declare that he really has a superiority complex.

If you notice, I have never written an ill word or remark regarding Senator McCain ~ after all, he is a servant and war hero. However, this really poked at my decency barometer. All I can retrieve from this debate is that if this is how far we've come, then nothing in this election matters because once again, it is all about the brutal history of our ancestors and how we have done nothing about it. Absolutely nothing.


Tamera said...

Oh yeah. We all caught it, and it was commented at the end of the debate. The reaction was nothing but negative from all that were asked. A pundit predicts that it will be a popular sound bite tomorrow. The comment was disrespectful and dismissive. He would have never said the same to his Senior in the Senate...Biden.

Other than that, the debate was boring and redundant in my opinion.

Houseonahill said...

Tamera, thanks for the feedback...I was so tired from the day, I was beginning to wonder if I was suffering from selective hearing!

You are right, the debate was completely redundant...and to think we have to sit through one more before the election! (Grits teeth, shakes head) I am still so apalled...I hope my morning coffee will help ;0)

Los Angelista said...

I think McCain really wanted to say, "That uppity negro that I hate!" but he restrained himself and said "That One!" instead.

I also watched it with my sons and they also caught the tone. The five year-old jumped up and starting yelling at the TV, "His name is Orack Obama!"

The next month is going to be a doozy of mud-slinging, I'm sure.

Houseonahill said...

You know, you must document that time for your son as a "moment In history" when he came up with that name! Honestly, when I want to chuckle to myself I say "Orack Orama" and my friends and collegues just look at me and I always declare "you had to be there!" It is still just so funny.

You are right about your assessment, I just KNOW he was thinking right along those lines. they keep playing it over again, and it is all over his face! Like "Black man, oh no you won't!"

If you get a chance read this:

cute spin to it ~