October 12, 2008

CHOMP CHOMP, Clap clap!

I was JUST TOO superstitious to even write about my poor White Sox. They managed to outlive the Cubs, sort of, and lived to see another day, only to fail, flitter, and fall apart on the final go-around. Ah, c'est la vie.

So where does a dejected baseball fan turn??? Well of course I am licking my wounds about the Bears (loss of Nathan Vasher) and Saints (loss) misfortunes last week ~ BUT THERE IS ALWAYS MY GOGO GATORS!!! I love Louisiana State University, BUT NOT on a day when they play Florida University!

WHAT A GAME yesterday, Gators beat LSU 51-21!

This video is from YOUTUBE a few years back but it really captures that Gator spirit! If you follow NCAA football, you'll know that they went on to win the 2006 NCAA championship!

I was in Florida five or six years ago when I was "bitten" by the Gators and fell in love with the "Swamp"!

I think it was the overall fever for their team that captured me. There is nothing like it that I've seen! That trip I came home with all kinds of GATOR GEAR. Notwithstanding a huge Green alligator in an orange t-shirt! He is my constant Gator Game Watching companion! Hey, you gotta have fun in this life, right?!

12 days til they meet Kentucky. You should check them out. I'll be smacking my hands together like a crazed Gator fan should! And if you let the Gators nibble you ~ maybe you will too!

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