October 3, 2008

Nimrod's, nucular and bust!

Reluctantly I watched the Vice-presidential debate last night moderated by Gwen Ifill.

I'm REAL sorry ALL, I tried to abide by my mother's favorite saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything". Well Mama, I held onto this ALL day, and if I don't say it, I just may bust! Or is it burst? Okay, but I'm NOT running for the Vice-Presidency of the most powerful country in the free world!

We already have a special ed sitting in the White House, and I know special ed is "near and dear" to Gov. Palin, she said so last night, but just the thought of one more year looking up phrases the Nimrods' say, that make you think you're ignorant, just has to stop. Honestly, the woman had me looking up NUCULAR, cuz I'm thinking, okay, she does have a B.A. in journalism...my expertise is in Criminal Justice, maybe I missed something.

After visiting the blogosphere, it has been revealed she, and Special Ed, are far from prolific where intelligence is concerned and butcher words quite frequently.
Journalism major, huh?

Here is the definition of NUCULAR.

I'm taking a MIDOL.

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