September 22, 2008

WAIT, What??!!!


After spending my weekend working for Senator Obama, campaigning and making phone calls, let me tell you ~ HE IS NOT, I repeat NOT part of the so-called "Chicago Machine" as the latest McCain ad attempts to parley. In fact, if you have been reading here for a while, it was one of the things I did not like about Senator Obama at first! Now he is being penalized for it anyway! He had NO backing starting in Chicago. AT ALL. He has literally been one of the first to work his way up, alone. I have been at events years ago, where they would not even let him speak...he was too unknown, but he would stand there and press on nonetheless. Shaking hands, smiling and making his rounds. A quiet, and now we see, persistent, omnipresent force ~ one to be reckoned with, obviously, because Chicago politics is no joke. But do not be fooled...even with all of the hullabaloo ~ This is a city that works. And methinks it works quite well for a city of 3 million plus. It works, while still maintaining that small town, homey appeal.

We do have quite a bit of work to do, and I will say, Senator Obama could have given us more, but he will give all of that to all of you! It is there. The passion and desire for reform and change. Don't worry about the Chi ~ we are capable. We have an entire city of folk with the same goals.

McCain's campaign can take all of that garbage and just put it where the sun don't shine!

Anyway, I was hoping to share good news, and I think I still can. GOOD news is that the headquarters at the newest Obama site was BOOMING!

It was SO exciting. Usually I work from home, but I went to the opening and it was just a sight! Young, old, decrepit, wheelchair-bound, college, elitist, homeless, White, Black, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, I mean folks had travelled! We were laughing, we were energized, we were committed and we want to share it with the planet! SO, if you don't know how to get involved, contact me, email me OR dial 866-675-2008 for more information in your area.

You may also email - Illinois at

Like my girl Hill said, "No McCain, no way, no how."

Sorry to all of my conservative readers, I LOVE you but I also LOVE my choice, choice for my body, choice for those who want to be with whomever they want as a family and and it scares me to hear wars are "Missions from God". Why in the world would any one's GOD want a war?

Furthermore, after talking to so many farmers in the Midwest who are in dire straits because of this economy and this administration, I LOVE my food supply and would like to go back to the days when I was not worried about what they put in my food, who was regulating it, and where in the world it came from! 40 days folks!

What say you!

(I am at work right now ~ so I will post what I really intended to when I get home, I just had to share that with you guys after hearing about that ad! Shame on them)


Tamera said...

I'm ploughing through Biden's book right now, and I'm almost finished. It was fantastic, but then it was Biden that was my candidate. I've also joined the Obama 'working force', and am busy making calls to New Mexico's swing voters in the evenings. I wanted so badly to be a part of the Texan delegation traveling to New Mexico, but couldn't swing the time right now.

Houseonahill said...

Tamera! THAT is the BEST news I have heard all week!!! Seriously. That is a GREAT idea to read his book. I watched CNN "reveal" him and was fascinated just by his sheer determination!

So glad we are doing some footwork. It feeld good!

And to think, this is how we met!!
This has been such an interesting ride, hasn't it? ;0)

Literacy 'n' Poverty Project said...

Good luck campaigning! Looks like I'll have to get Biden's book soon.

"Missions from God", that was scary to hear! I can't see why anyone would trust the judgment of someone who'd say such a thing. Very scary. But that's just my opinion...

Great post!

Houseonahill said...

Thanks Chanelle! Yep, we must read to stay informed ~ hmmm, sounds like LITERACY is the key!

Looks like we need you featured here at the "House" soon... :o)