September 18, 2008

The proof is in the sucra...

"They" are trying to retract the demonization of high fructose corn syrup. DON'T BUY IT! Literally and figuratively!

According to TIME Health & Science the process renders the stuff to be scientifically identical to glucose. Okay fine, but does it have to be in everything we eat? No one really argued it was a corrosive agent but ultimately it has been placed in things that REALLY could use a splash of pear juice, beet, or citrus. AND I still can not figure out why it is in bread????

What the heck were we eating in our bread before they came up with this stuff??

I am just so crazed by eating anything processed at this point, especially since no one is regulating who is doing the processing and what they are processing it with!

The less ingredients gives me some assurance there is less that can be screwed up!

YIKES! My Granma kept telling me to cook my own stuff, now I am forced...good thing I have her cook books on my shelf. Now I just have to blow all that dust off of them...ah, and then use the allergen vac ;0)

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