September 22, 2008

Happy First Day Of Fall!

What I really wanted to speak about today was the Chicago WEATHER!!!

These past few days have been bliss!! Many years ago, before the term global warming was wide-spread and we were all basically uninformed, someone told me that once the effects of the glaciers melting are irreversible the Caribbean and the tropics will disappear under water and places like Chicago will be the new Miami.

Well, I certainly pray that assessment is inaccurate, but the selfish side of me is truly enjoying Miami...uhmm I mean Chicago in September at 80 degrees.

So to all my brothers and sisters to the south, I really do hope we reverse this global catastrophe but I just LOVE Miam...I mean Chicago in September at 80 degrees!

I was sitting in Millennium Park with my shoes off enjoying the beats of the street musicians. People were everywhere sipping lemonade, eating salads and soaking in the sun!

I closed my eyes and it was heaven on earth. The Lake was deep blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. You could hear everyone's laughter and my soul settled and it just feels so good!!!

I swear there is nothing better after experiencing the remnants of an oceanic cyclone than kicking off your shoes and taking in downtown Chicago, The Bean and the beats of the sounds of the street...nope...nothin better!


kr said...

House, I am so jealous! Wish I could have been in the park with you! I miss my City of Big Shoulders...Suburban living is the pits...BUT, yes! The weather has been sensationally Miami-esque, and lord knows we earned it! After being hit by tornados, floods, etc. the sunshine, warmth and calm is even more appreciated than ever! Enjoy!

Houseonahill said...

I feel your pain! I'll take in a bit of Lake Shore Drive for you again today...81 degrees is in the forecast ;0)

Tamera said...

Oh, how wonderful! Happy Autumn!

Houseonahill said...

Thanks Tamera! (I'm still worried about your alligators, gonna check in at your blog to see how they are!)