September 23, 2008

à votre santé au mieux!

George Whiting Flagg, Artist

I finished "The Lost German Slave Girl" by John Bailey.

It is the story of a German immigrant and her trial to prove that she was not a slave but a free white woman during the 1800's in New Orleans.

It was a very interesting tale and was also the first time I had ever heard of Caucasian races being enslaved. I had heard of their being indentured servants, but outright slavery was news to me. It was typically accidental, but occurred in very rare instances. The irony was unnerving I suppose, the detail was painstaking.

The novel was based on notes and historical documents from Louisiana archives, and was so fascinating.

With the weather being so glorious here in Chicago, I would sit out at some cafe and pretend I was somewhere in the Vieux Carre, or in Jackson Square watching one of my ancestors be sold off, or down by the Mississippi waving as the ships sailed pass.

That was good reading for me, for it was almost as if I had lived it ~ Oh, I had lived quite a bit of it through my ancestors...I am a result!

Now I am reading a book with my son..."Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie" by Jordan Sonnenblick! Feel free to join us and let us know what you think!!!

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