August 21, 2008

We Have Lost A True Advocate

All during the primaries I remember thinking that U.S. Representative Tubbs Jones should be a more visible advocate in the next Democratic White some esteemed office of highly public affairs. Her passion ran DEEP. Not knowing that much about her at the time, I could only reach my conclusion from her impassioned speeches. Her gesticulating spoke volumes. She was animated, direct and her policies vehemently supported her constituency.

In researching her, I would find that she graduated the elementary levels from Cleveland public schools. She was the first black prosecutor of her county, and the first black Municipal Court Judge. She was also a Delta.

As is evident by the outpouring of statements and coverage, she is going to be missed. Her impact on black life, the country as a whole and her contributions to women have forged such a strong foundation for us all to bridge upon. It is my hope and my prayer that she be remembered and that her torch be carried on.

A great confidant of mine recently stated after Isaac Hayes passed away, that things of these natures often come in threes. I brushed it off, sadly to say that statement was right.

Be encouraged to make a difference, there are so many shadows to fill.

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