August 19, 2008


With the Democratic Convention less than a week away, I am still reading things of this nature: CLICK HERE

Are we serious?? Folks let's be clear. If we make the mistake of McCain in the White House, we are doing serious damage to Women's Rights! What are we thinking here, or better yet...are we thinking.

Seriously. With Obama in office, our voices will be heard. Our children will be safe and life will go on. McCain's presidency does not offer that assusrance and you guys know it!

War, and Women's Health will be on the agenda in a way that we will not recover from in our lifetime.

I hope that we can unify and get involved. I joined the Obama Campaign and am actively participating. This is a Democracy and I am SO convinced that we are all safe with Obama's Presidency.

SO, Ladies and Gentleman...MEET the Candidate. Sign up and voice your concerns, don't just blog about it. Don't just sit out on the sidelines pouting.

Join. Get involved. Have your say! YES we can!


YogaforCynics said...

I sure hope we can....

It's hard to know what to think of the Hilary hold-outs. I've been inclined to think that a lot of them are actually Republicans (especially given Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos," in which he urged his listeners to vote for Hilary in the primaries), and there's no question that the some of the most outspoken--including the founders of a web site shortly after Obama clinched the nomination--are Republicans. Then, there do seem to be those who want McCain to win so that Hilary can run against him in 2012--fortunately, Hilary is smart enough to know that the worst thing that could possibly happen to her political career would be to take the blame for another four years of Republican rule...but I've taken up more than enough space in your comment box. Good post.

Houseonahill said...


I just LOVE THAT NAME! Thanks, for dropping in ~

You are always welcome to comment as LONG as you want...Your points are well taken -- I had not even considered some of them, so thanks!