August 22, 2008


you are on the edge or are considering staying home, or if you feel you need a reason to vote Democratic, feeling unsure about Obama...just take a look at this:

I LOVE the END...Pssst DO Something! I know its propoganda, and probably out of context,and I REALLY don't like to post partisanship, but lately I have been feeling strongly about issues that mean something to me. Basic human right issues that some people feel they need to make for me. All women deserve the right to CHOOSE. If certain policies are not right for you ~ at least you can say "no". Dictating to others what they can and can not do, taking away programming, funding and opportunity because you were savy enough to succeed and someone else wasn't, is not what this country is about.

I know I had reservations why listen to me! Listen to me because my reservations were coming from my position as a feminist and a former campaign worker. I wanted a woman in the White House. That's not going to happen this time. And that's okay. Everything is as it should be, now I am picking up and moving on. Staying vocal, staying strong, and am now supporting the best candidate for President of the United States ~~ Will you JOIN ME?

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