August 16, 2008

Love In Green and White

WOW!! As the 3rd Anniversary of Katrina approaches, SHAKLEE's 2008 Global Conference can boast that their visit contributed 10 million dollars to the great city of New Orleans!!

700 Shaklee members worked on a devastated school which will now be available to open this school year!!!

In addition to that wonderful news, Shaklee gave 600 residents of New Orleans a "Business In A Box" that included Get Clean!

We received this news from our faithful and fun friend, and Shaklee Distributor, Patty Matlock.

She now knows what it is like to LOVE NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans is infectious. I liken it to hearing someone you love laugh deep and sure. It envelopes you and splinters your soul into a thousand pieces. Its rich history, scrumptious food, lovely, endearing people and its indescribable heat are just too many things!

I have raved and raved about Shaklee Products but seriously hope that each and every one of you try at least one product for your health and for the health of your families. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products and supplements should become a way of life for all of ours.

Having that new baby or beloved animal crawling on a floor with toxic residue from bleach or ammonia or some other deliberately destroying agent is like retracting your love and commitment. We spend all of our time loving and spending on our families and to knowingly consistently expose them to toxins is a death sentence that just does not have to be.

Our immune systems are compromised enough! So lets start with one Shaklee Product today!
Call Patty with any questions! I do, as well those in my office have. She is always there to encourage and decipher as we bungle and jumble our way through this maze of good and bad.

It is my prayer that NOLA will be able to enhance their lives and detoxify and enhance their health from those horrible housing trailers to undo the damage that was done to them by inhaling formaldehyde. You would be amazed at how common formaldehyde is in our everyday products. It is in our mattresses, our carpets, and even some cosmetics!

Lets commit today to change and do what is best for our bodies!

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