August 24, 2008




The Redeem Team.

Never was I a fan of Kobe Bryant. But redemption has a way of cloaking the past. Forgiving, and taking back what has been done. Everyone deserves the chance for reconciliation. Everyone deserves that return to the path of light. Kobe's year is almost biblical. Shunned and spurned. His arrogance and selfishness played out in the media with tantrums and illicit affairs...very similar to what the U.S.A has been synonymous with as of late. Tawdry.

Kobe Bryant came back to be MVP.

Then there is this gold, this win that redeems men's basketball...and then there is something else.

The U.S.A has the same chance as Kobe and the Olymic U.S.A Men's basketball team.

We can find redemption in the eyes of the world. We can find redemption for ourselves ~ it is our time to come back to what we have previously been about. Generous ~ kind. Tough and on top of things. A return to the path of light.

My hope is that this is just the beginning.

Congratulations to The Redeem Team. Thank you for giving us back something...and it is more than just basketball. I am inspired. I believe. You guys have taught us about team. Faith. Redemption, drive and winning gold.

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