July 9, 2008

HEY! Now is NOT the time!!!!!

Reading all over the blogosphere today WOMEN are angry! The LOVE affair is over, or the "Rock Concert" has ended! Dammit!!! I just can't seem to keep up!

Women are finally getting mad BUT it is TOO LATE! The women of ILLINOIS tried to give a bit of a preview, especially the LGBT community. Really, he stood for just about, well, what I'm not too sure...but those of you who read here know that I have gone around that bend quite a bit but now I am on board.

TO ALL THE NAYSAYERS: IT IS TOO LATE...we MUST back OBAMA. As the PUNDITMOM so eloquently and accurately stated...yes, he "shape-shifts" but he has always been this way. UH, remember he voted present on how many issues during sessions as senator???

My own personal experience as a campaigner a few years back is where he, instead of discussing an issue in depth that I presented to him, put me off onto an adviser. Well, that let me know that he is good at what he does. Senator Obama is eloquent and an orator like no one has seen this decade. BUT where he stands, well, that depends. And what will he fight for? Well, that depends. And after the mess we have just endured (THE INFAMOUS BUSH YEARS) we need to bloom about (to put it nicely), up and over some things and only a democratic president in the White House can cultivate this (Okay, now I'm shape-shifting, but whatever!). Having said that, NOW is NOT the time to fall off, or turn away in shame and diss-appointment. WE MUST HAVE A DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT. PERIOD.

Jesse (Reverend Jackson), you picked a REALLY bad time to say something. The time for all of the intrascrutinzing has gone. Let us straighten our backs, hold up our heads and PROCEED.

I received an email from a trusted and wise confidant who reinforced that Obama's heart IS in the right place. He loves this country and will listen as we formulate our coalition to keep him accountable.

LADIES, stand firm. He has daughters. If Michelle Obama is nothing else, she is a strong woman. FEAR NOT, and this is coming from a Chicagoan, we can win and make a difference.

Just yesterday I received an email from Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. As a subscriber, I receive general updates. However, inside this email was a full endorsement of Senator Obama for president. NO WAY will our voices be silenced. We must elect him! He rightfully garnered the delegates and the masses of the popular vote. PERIOD. All of this talk I'm reading today scares me!!

Folks have become recently disenchanted (LIKE AS OF TODAY!!!) listening to Obama's abortion stance in sound bites today because, well, he is the only voice now. Hello, he is not a feminist. You guys knew that when you voted for him in the primary! YOU, the very same people who propelled him into the stratosphere! Now you are listening to him (or trying to)but it is too late!

He is who everyone picked, so we must see it through. SO WHAT the after glow has revealed a reality. The wedding is over, and he is not who you thought you married, but in this scenario there is no option for divorce...SORRY! This is a marriage that must last! Four years at least. Elect him ~ but hold him to every challenge, every issue and hold him accountable for his daughters, for our daughters and the daughters of this world. PERIOD.

Where is Tavis Smiley when we need him! NO MORE talk of "not voting" people. We are with him ~ thick and thin. I expect all of us to join his campaign today. Matter of fact, I will step up and do it myself...whose with me???

WE can start here OR here


PunditMom said...

You are right -- even with the shape shifting, we do have to support him. But I just wish he would think more about the language he uses when he speaks.

Houseonahill said...

You are SO SO right, and I think you should tell him so!

Don't worry, I plan to email and tell the campaign how we feel, LOL!

Thanks for ALL of your inspiring posts, and for taking time to stop by here!