July 10, 2008

My Summer Infatuation!!!!


It's crazy! It's a tart little stalk with poisonous leaves. I received a batch in my farm order a few months ago, as I did last year...BUT this year I am absolutely HOOKED!

With my first batch of this summer, I followed the enclosed instructions directly, as I did last year. I measured and pinched and added and stirred. The second time around, I was SO eager, I could hardly contain myself!

Boiling the strawberry and cut-up rhubarb seemed to edge on forever. I added the unbleached cane sugar, water, organic cooking flour, boiled and then baked. Though I added a few crumbled organic chocolate chip cookies, a little organic pancake mix sprinkled on top and a smudge of brown sugar..Oh lalalee!

WOW! It was fantabulous. REALLY and good for me too. SO sorry to say, it has never lasted long enough for me to share with my family(I think my son had a spoonful when it came out of the oven)!!

Oh well, c'est la vie...buy some bake it and enjoy today for a "Healthier, Happier, YOU!!!!" (it will be our secret!)

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